We are committed to maintaining the security and privacy of your personal information that you provide us through this website www.madebymaries.com

a – The purpose and scope of information gathering

– Maries created this privacy policy to demonstrate to our valued customers for its commitment to secure client’s personal information

– Privacy policy is one of such policy that we pay special attention when customers make a purchase on our system

– We will ensure to use customer’s information in a reasonable manner. We are committed to not selling, sharing or exchanging customer’s personal information for any third parties

The information that we collect including:

+ Full name – Address – Email address (optional) – Phone number – Your request

The above information will be used for this following purposes: providing and consulting information related to Marie’s products

b – Range of use personal information

– Customer’s personal information will only be used within the company

c – Data retention period

Customer’s personal information will be stored on our internal systems until the cancellation requested by customer

d – Company’s contact


Address: 54a Chu Van An Street, Phu Hoi Ward, Hue City Hue

Phone: 0935115215

Email: [email protected]

Tax code: 3301694565

e – Correct your personal information

You may contact us if any of their Personal Data changes via hotline: 0935.115.215 or email: [email protected]