Pho Trach is a peaceful village nestled on the O Lau river that flows into Tam Giang lagoon, it’s a 500-year-old traditional village situated around 30km north-west of Hue City This is a low – lying land so it gets flooded every year however the people here has inherited unique traditional craft-work from Lepironia grasses.

Lepironia is one of the world’s rare and valuable grasses. A completely natural grass, it is planted and farmed by local villagers in the fields of Pho Trach. Unlike the Lepironia grasses in the North and the South, Hue Lepironia articulata has a hollow stem sections and diameter only around 0.4cm Two main differences makes Hue Lepironia have their own unique features. That are non-porous making it less hygroscopic.

Even though it’s a handicrafts village with true historical and traditional value but still face to many challenges.

While the needs and requirements of modern societies are increasing but local products can’t meet market demand. We are in danger of losing traditional craft. But the women in this village are always try to maintain and develope handicrafts work.

A mission has begun to cultivate our team, urging us to strive for creating aesthetically pleasing, high-quality, multi-valued products and provide comprehensive service to every customer as well as create exquisite crafts and lifestyle products that meet Marie’s ethics and high production standards. At the same time, we seek to revive and uphold the culture of traditional craft villages and to have a positive impact on the income, livelihood, and quality of life among the craftspeople of rural villages.

Maries is a true Vietnamese brand of handicraft products that was conceived during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 in Hue, Vietnam. From humble beginnings with the objective of helping locals to survive during the Covid pandemic, we have grown the business significantly and are now ideally placed to serve discerning clients and deliver value throughout the supply chain.

We have high hopes for the Maries brand by promoting the beautiful and unique craft-work created by the women who live in our local villages and townships. We wish to strenghten their individual autonomy, and their pride in the communities where they live.